[2015] Ellie Garwood: Asylum

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[2015] Ellie Garwood: Asylum

SETTING:The setting of Asylum is Brookline. It is a dorm for the NHCP program. Brookline is known for being a mental asylum in the past. It has very strange things hidden inside, like strange photographs and an operating ampitheater

Based on the Book:AsylumWritten By:Madeleine Roux

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Lucy Valdez's Music Box from Brookline

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Young Lucy Valdez

Daniel CrawfordBrookline Warden

SUMMARY:This book is about a high school senior named Daniel Crawfordwho goes to NHCP program. He meets an girl named Abby and her friend Jordan. Jordan is studying math, and Abby is an art majorThey go exploring around the old abandoned office in their dormwhich was formerly an asylum. They find a series of old photographs of what took place at the asylum. Abby finds a picture of a little girl (Lucy Valdez) and keeps it in her room. This picture turns out to be a photo of Abby's aunt. They get caught snooping in the abandoned office and get sent to their rooms by the hall moniter Joe. Dan starts looking up who used to be in his room. His room was once the house of the serial killer Dennis Heimline, AKA the Sculptor. Dan starts getting scared the Sculptor is coming for him. Not long after, Joe is found dead. He was found by Dan's roomate, Felix. Dan starts recieving strange emails about a patient that used to stay in Dan's room at the asylum. Dan soon realizes that he shares the same name as the asylum's former warden. These emails (and texts not long after) disapper when Dan tries to show them to others. Jordan's roomate Yi is attacked and Dan is blamed. Dan was passed out in the operating ampitheater in the old office. Abby finds him and takes him upstairs to find that Yi is being taken to the ER. Abby finds her distant Aunt Lucy who's husband was murdered by the same person who killed Joe. Then, Felix is attacked and Dan saves him from the perp. That night, Dan gets a text that tells him to go to the basement of the office. He goes, and gets trapped in the basement by an unknown accomplice of the person who sent the text. The trio finds Dan's roomate Felix to be possesed by The Sculptor, and trying to kill Dan for the sole reason that he shares the same name as the former warden. They get strapped to tables in the operating ampitherater and are almost killed until Dan jumps up at pins Felix down. Felix confesses willingly about the murder of Joe and Sal Weathers (a townsperson and Lucy's husband) and the attacked of Yi, and how he faked his attack. They escape and call the police. They are safe, for now...

RATING:I give this book 4/5 stars. I would definitely recommend this book!

I WISH:I wish this book was maybe a little bit longer, for a more in-depth story!I really liked it overall!


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