Astronomy/Space Timeline

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Astronomy/Space Timeline

Copernicus (1473-1543)

1971Soviet Union Occupation of Salyut Space Station

1961Yuri Gagarin1st Human in Space

19571st Animal in Space

1969Apollo 11 1st Manned Moon Landing

1950's and 1960's

19681st Manned Apollo Misson

1959NASA Signed into Law

1970's and1980's

1990'sand 2000's

1973 - US experimental Space Station

Astronomy ' Space Timeline

1975- 1st International Space Renvdevous

19811st Space Shuttle Launch

1977Launch of Voyager Space Probes

Presentand Future

1991- Hubble Space Telescope

1998 1st Piece of I.S.S.

2000- 1st permanent ISS Crew

2001- Dennis Tito: 1st Space Tourist

2004 - SpaceShipOne

2009Kepler Mission Launched

2012 - Curiosity Rover lands on Mars

2010- 1st Asteroid Sample Returned

2011- 1st Orbit of Mars

1983 - Sally Ride1st Woman in Space

2017 - Projected 1st launch using SLS

Galileo Galilei1564-1642

Isaac Newton1642-1747

Ptolemy (90AD-168AD)


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