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Astronomy uses the principles of physics, mathematics, and chemistry to learn all about the universe, which would be the sun, moon, planets, stars and galaxies. Astronomy is the oldest science. Most of the information astronomers have about the universe is found by technology such as measurements of electromagnet radiation, including visible light, radio waves, infrared light, ultraviolet rays, x-rays, and gamma rays.

Astronomers usually have a PhD degree in astronomy and physics.

Astronomers usually work in an office, laboratories, and classrooms. They work with the most modern technology.

Should have a good mathematical ability, imagination, and an inquiring mind. They should have a logical thought process in order to see the relationships among observable events.

You should take Biology, Education and Training, English, Psychology, Sales and Marketing classes, and Customer and Personal Service classes.

GOE # 02.01.01DOT# 021.067-010Holland Code: IREsalary for beginners: 44,490 annuallyexperienced: 131,620 annually

work performed, duties/discrip-tion of job:

subjects you shuld take:

special talents that wuld help:

aditional education or training requied after highschool

the conditions of this work place look like:

3 occupations in this cereer cluster:-physicist-hydrologist-surveyors

three types of buisnesses or companies where u could work:-technology-aerospace-laboratories

There will be permanent and face sharp competition. One reason is the high cost of equipment necessary for observations.

employment lookout for the future:

sources: http://www.chroniclecareerlibrary.com



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