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Astronaut Space Travel

I influence that everyone the human's ability is not decided by the nationality. After my discovery, I make more scientist to have more curiosity about space. The conclusions that I make is that we need a coworker with you, we needs a goal. Sometimes, we need to insist, if I don't do that, I won't be here on the stage! And one of the big conclusions I have is that change molecules is scary, so if you do it one times, you won't want to do it again!我影響大家最重要的啟示是能力不是由國籍決定。我發現後,我讓更多的科學家有關於外太空更加好奇。我做的結論是,我們需要一個同事和你在一起,我們需要一個目標讀已有方向的前進。有時候,我們需要堅持,如果我不這樣做,我就不會在這裡個台上!最後個重要的結論是,我改變分子是可怕的,所以如果你做了這件事時,你會不會想再做第二次!

Career & Experiences

The purpose of my travel is to prove that we can change molecules to make space travel easier and to also find new places to live outside Earth.我的目的就是要證明改變分子可以讓太空旅行更簡單。1. I wanted to be the first Taiwanese to travel in space.我想成為第一位台灣人的太空旅行家,太空探險家。2. Space travel has always been my passion as well as discovering new technologies that will improve and preserve life on Earth.太空旅行也一直引起我的注意,太空旅行也可以探索道新的科技改變地球的生活。

The pipeline I used is "Formosa 2050". I'm flying in year 2050. I'm using the way, changing molecules. I'm going with my friend Jamie. The challenge I have is to find the way how to change molecules. We try to change to different molecules and we experience for 100 times till it do not have any problems. Also when I get there, I need to connect with Earth, but I still can not connect with there because they didn't know that I'm so fast, so the machine is not there yet, so I try to use the pipeline to make the easy hear machine. Make the pipeline to the right place is also a big problem, to solve this we use the photographer in the space to see if that is in the right place, so I won't go to the wrong place. To get money to do this used lot of time because they do not trust me, so I try 10 different company and at last IIS company give me some money, and I pay a lot of money too. So I spend 10 years to prepare. 我用的方法是改變分子我用了福爾摩沙2050管子,在2050年飛行,我與我的朋友Jamie一起旅行。我在種備與旅行當中我遇到了許多挑戰,其中一個是找出改變分子的方法,我因此事了100多次直到沒有任何問題。此外,當我到達那裡,我需要與地球的聯繫,但我還是不能有連接,因為他們不知道我是如此之快,所以在機器沒到之前,我必須盡量用管道做出簡單的收訊機器。使管道輸送到正確的地方也是一個很大的問題,要解決這個問題,我們使用外太空的攝引機,看看是否是在正確的地方。為了得到錢做這個實驗用了很多時間,因為他們不信任我,所以我盡量10個不同的公司,最後有一間公司給我一些錢,我也付出了不少錢。總共我花10年的時間做準備。

Influence and conclusions!

Problems/failures and detail of discovery


My name is Amber Cheng. I'm the first Taiwanese Astronaut to travel in space and I just came back from an interstellar voyage. My journey took me from Earth to the next galaxy "Alpha Centauri". The distance between Earth and Alpha Centauri is only 23 times the Earth-Sun distance. In other words, 39,900,000,000,000 km or roughly 4.35 light years away from us.我是鄭欣晏,是第一個台灣太空人或太空旅行者,也可以說是一個女台灣太空探險家,旅行家。我剛從星際遠航回來。這個旅程帶我到下一的星系 -- 半人馬座阿爾法星。在了個星系有地球到太陽的23倍,另一個說法是從地球算39,900,000,000,000公里,也是說4.35光年。

Amber Cheng

Alpha Centauri

Reference: Books: Philadelphia Experiment -- Is that science or fiction? 費城實驗 究竟是科學還是科幻

Space Woman- Amber


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