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Asthma is a common disease among children and usally starts at the age of 5 with symptoms of wheezing during a cold. Other risk factors for children are having allergies, the allergic skin condition eczema, or parents with asthma. Asthma has many triggers. One example being allergins, things that cause allergic reactions in the airways. These include plant pollen, mold , tiny insects that live in house dust (dust mites), and furry animals. irritating your airways will also bring on a flare-up. Some things that irritate your airways are perfume, chalk dust, and cigarette smoke. Other triggers of Asthma include exercising, breathing in polluted air, or a cold.

The organ system that is affected is the respiratory system. Asthma is a condition that affects a persons airways, which are also known as bronchial tubes. These tubes lead from the trachea into the lungs. For people with Asthma breathing can be a lot more difficult because their airways are very sensitive. They are sensitive because they are swollen or inflamed which cause the airways to become narrower.

The symptoms of Asthma are:-coughing-wheezing (a hissing sound while breathing)-it's hard to breathe-chest tightness

The inside walls of the asthmatic's airways are swollen or inflamed. The inflammation causes the airways to become narrower so less air passes through them, both to and from the lungs. The bronchial tubes can also fill up with mucus. For these reasons it's harder to breathe. An Asthma attack, or episode, is when symptoms are worse than usual. They can come on suddenly and can be mild, moderate or severe.

In Canada over 2 million people have Asthma. Each year about 350 people die of this disorder.

-When you have a flare-up, Asthma attack, you take quick relief medicine (rescue or fast acting medicine) called bronchial dilater.-Every day you should take long-term control medicine(it avoids flare-ups) called anti-inflammatory-steroid.-Most medicine is taken though an inhaler.-A lot of kids find thier Asthma goes away or becomes less serious as they get older.

To prevent asthma you have to try to avoid triggers. For example avoid stress, breathing in polluted air, allergies and there are many more. So if you have Asthma avoid the triggers that cause you to have an Asthma attack.

The disorder I chose is Asthma, also called bronchial Asthma or reactive airway disease. I chose this because I have it and I want to know what it is and how I can prevent Asthma attacks from happening.

Did you know usually Asthma attacks last from about 30 minutes to sevral hours? Also did you know about half of cases of Asthma are in children under the age of 10? Also, 60% of asthma cases are hereditary.


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