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Treatment for asthma

There is no cure for asthma so the goal of the treatment is to control it as much as posible. The best way to get your asthma controled is going with your doctor and along with your parents make a personalised plans to know when to take medicines and what to do during an asthma attacks.Asthma inhalers provide a quick relief for the disease and along with other medicines may help you to control your asthma to have a normal life.


What is asthma?


There are many symptoms but the main ones are:1)Headaches2) Difficulty for breathing3)Itchy throat4)Whistling

Asthma is a chronical disease with no know cure that closes up your lungs and makes you unable to breath. Scientists are not sure why is caused but it is detonated by dut, cold, strenous excercise among others. Also if you smoke or someone close to you does you probabilty of getting asma are higher as well if you have someone in your family that is asthmatic .

What happens during an asthma attack?

The muscles in your lungs begin to tighten and oxygen stops flowing and you stop breathing, in a prolongued attack Carbon Dioxide goes to your bloodstream and it may be poisonous.


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