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What is it?Asthma is a chronic disease iin which your airways are inflamed and narrowed making it harder to breathe.

Symptoms-wheezing-shortness of breath-tightness/pain in chest-coughing-fatigue-lack of sleep due to coughing

Causes-inherited-environmental areas (dusty places, poulution)

Who does it affect?-Most common in U.S.-about 1/3 are children under 18-African American children

Treatments-no cure-inhaled corticosteroids-Oral corticosteroids-long-acting bronchodilators-Antileukotrienes-Allergy vaccines

-It affects the respiratory system, lungs, trachea, and airways.

Preventions-keep windows closed-avoid walking in gardens-fix leaky faucets-clean moldy surfaces-no pets-warm up before exercise

Types-Childhood-Nocturnal- Exercise-Related-Occupational-Status asthmaticus

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