[2013] Austin Parker: Asteroid Glog by: Austin Parker

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[2013] Austin Parker: Asteroid Glog by: Austin Parker

Asteroid shower

Asteroid belt

Asteroids are made of rocks and metal. Asteroids are many different sizes. Italian astronomer Giueppe Piazzi was the first person to discover an asteroids. Asteroids are formed by rocks left behind by planets that failed to form. people looked for asteroids through a telescope.

Asteroids by: Austin Parker

Asteroids are farther away from earth than you think. Asteroids fly 500 miles above us.

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Asteroid burning up

The asteroid belt is 1.9 au's away. Au's are miles and the belt is over 170 million miles away.

Asteroids usually burn up when they first hit the surface of earth's atmosphere.

Asteroid showers are a bunch of asteroids falling from the sky.

Have asteroids became a planet? Yes they a asteroid became a dwarf planet named Ceres.



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