Asteroid Belt

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Asteroid Belt

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What is the Asteroid Belt?

The asteroid belt is certainly very intruguing to scientists. This is because the Asteroid belt is a large MYSTERY. -Did you know that if all the asteroids from the asteroid belt were to be mashed together, scientists believe it would create the fifth rocky planet?-Did you know that the Asteroid belt was believed to be one of the first creations in the solar system?-Did you know that the asteroid belt was believed to be created by the remnants of several ancient planets?

Did you Know???

Introducing the Asteroid Belt


What is the Asteroid Belt? Well, the asteroid belt is simply a large group of asteroids that together, because of inertia, form a ring like movement between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. The Asteroid belt is called that just to differ it from the Kuiper Belt. The Asteroid Belt is also around two to three astronomical units wide.

The asteroid belt was discovered by an Italian priest and astronomer named Giuseppe Piazzi in 1801. Actually, the discovery was an accident. Piazzi was making a star map and he accidently discovered the asteroid belt. Two explorations to the asteroid belt include NASA's Galileo that launched in 1991, and NASA's Dawn Mission that launched in 2007.

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