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The possibility of an asteroid hitting earth

Ever since Earth has been created it has been hit with asteroids. On average 50,000 tons of asteroidal material enters Earths atmosphere. Most of this material burns up before it hits Earth due to friction with air. But, some of the material that passes through can hit the ocean and go unnoticed. We have to be cautious about the larger ones because if they impact the ocean they could cause a tsunami. When this material strikes land it can create craters, or a large bowl-shaped cavity in the ground.

Asteroids and comets hit Earth routinely. We are rarely affected by these because the asteroids are so small it doesn't affect us that much. When we are hit by a large asteroid it is destructive, but rare. Some impacts that are so big it raises enough dust into the atmosphere that it creates what is called a "nuclear winter". These larger asteroids strike Earth only once every 1,000 centuries on average. This is said by NASA and just comes to show how rare it is for one of these large asteroids to hit Earth.

In order to under stand the possibility of an asteroid hitting Earth we must know what an asteroid even is! An asteroid is a small body of rock that orbits the sun, they are too small and light to be called planets. Despite their size asteroids can be very dangerous and destructive. Most asteroids lie within or just outside the asteroid belt.


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