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Chemical Elements

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Astatine in its natural state

Astatine's symbol is "At"

Astatine's atomic number is"85"

Astatine's atomic mass number is"210"

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Astatine was discovered in 1940 by Dale Carson, K.R. MacKenzie, and Emilio Surge

Astatine belings to period 6 of the periodic table and it is in the 17th group which is known as the halogen group.

The Halogen family consists of fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine. This a group of metalloids, that vary from all three states at room temperature. These elements are radioactive and they are extremely electronegative.

Astatine is used to accumulate the thyroid gland and to help in certain cancer treatments

The ion At -1 has a negative charge of one,and that means that there are 86 electrons.

Astatine monoiodide is a compound which contains the two elements, Astatine and Ionide. The symbol for this compound is AtI.

The most common isotope of astatine is At-210. That means that there are 85 protons and 125 neutrons. It can occur for a span of 8.3 hours.


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