Assyrian Empire

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Assyrian Empire

Assyrian Empire


The Assyyrian Empire was under the rule of an absolute king. Their government was very well organized. The people underneath the king were choosen based off who was most fit for the job, not heredity. The empire had a social structure, ranking down the line with the rich and powerful on top and the servants on the bottom Along with their stong government system, the Assyrians had a very strong military. They fought hand to hand combat; they were very brutal conquerors.

About the period

The Assyrian Empire, in the very beginning practiced 2 religions. However that did not last long and they began to practice one religion, Christianity. They were polythesitic people and their capital, Nineveh served as a religious center for the empire.

Writing, innovations, and cities

The Assyrians were known for their innovations in their military. For example, the had horse drawn chariots, iron weapons, and seige warfare. They developed an excellent system of communications by creating a network of horses to transport messages. The Assyrian Empire's form of writing was cuneiform. The capital of the empire was Nineveh, which was a huge city and a very important religious center.


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