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Assitive Technology

Assistive Technology

Name: Dan Zdanowski Date: July 7, 2014 Course: EDG 576

Definition: Assistive, adaptive and rehabilitative devices for indiviuals with disabilities. Promotes greater independance by enabling individuals to perform tasks that were once challenging for them or tasks that they formerly were unable to accomplish.

Personal Reflection: I was in an 8:1:1 classroom for a portion of my student teaching. The needs of the students were quite diverse. Each student had some sort of AT to make learning easier for them. I was speaking into microphones, communicating via pictures on an ipad, listening to students speak to me through dymno boxes, etc. We accomplished a lot in the eight weeks I spent there and could not have done any of it without the AT. The students embraced their AT, enjoyed teaching others how to use it and realized it made learning easier for them.


Device where a digitalized voice says a specified word after the user presses the button for the word. Buttons are categorized by activity and labeled with pictures for easier identification by the user.

Dynamo Box

Written Expression

Pen that can easily convert handwirting to text. Pen has feature that allows user to playback audio during specific time periods in case notes weren't taken or are not legible.

Livescribe Pen


Great website with multiple types of AT for visually impaired.

AT for Visually Impaired


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