Assistive Technology

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Assistive Technology

Assistive TechnologyWhitney Lowry

Source: SpectronicsSwitches are used by students who are physically disabled and allow them to control and input things into a computer also interact with their environment.

Legal Aspects of Assistive Technology-Technology-Related Assistance Act for Individuals with Disabilities-allows students with disabilities to have funding state wide for technology services.-Reauthorization or IDEA-all IEP teams should consider technology as part of an individual's plan if they feel it would help the student meet individual goals

Devices that extend the abilities of an individual in ways that provide physical access and sensory access such as wheelchairs, braces, braille, or closed captioning. The purpose is the give students with learning disabilities equal opportunity to succeed academically.

Assistive Technology

Source: TecEar of Telecoil ProductsAn FM amplification system involves the teacher wearing a wireless microphone and students wearing a receiver. Sounds are amplified for students with hearing impairments.

Source: Scientific FreedomScreen readers will work on PCs and will read any text that is on the screen for students who are visually impaired.

Source: WizCom Technologies, Inc.A reading pen will allow students with difficulty reading to understand vocabulary and help with communication disabilities.



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