English Speaking Country,(Assignment),English

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English Speaking Country,(Assignment),English

As you can already see in this Glogster that I've made, you can use as many tools and different items as you want on it! You can insert videos about the country you choose, different pictures of the most beautiful places you've seen there, and of course, you also have some space to write about the culture, variety of language, and any other contents that you find interesting for your presentation.Don't forget to make use of any voice tool (such as Audacity or Voki) that could help you to show your classmates the kind of accent of your country!Good luck and SPEAK ENGLISH!


Creat Glog About:My favourite English speaking country

Get inspired

1) Get in groups of 3 or 4 people, choose a country to work on and start looking for information.2) Once you're done, register in Glogster EDU (Edu.Glogster.com) and choose a template in which resume the most relevant things you want to tell the class about your country in your class presentation. 3) We'll make the presentations in two weeks, so get ready for the day! Be as creative as you can! :)