Assignment 4: Electronic File Storage 519E

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Assignment 4: Electronic File Storage 519E

Assignment 4: Electronic File Storage

The History of Electronic File Storage

Time Line


Magnetic Tape

Floppy disks provided an alternative to buying hard drives. There were 3 main kinds (8" and 5.25") available in the 1970's.

3.5" floppy disks become widely used in the early 80's. CD Roms were also used. They provided a larger amount of data storage.

USB sticks offer plug in storage that is easily removable. SD Cards are small portable devices for storage of digital data. Cloud storage allows data to be seen from multiple devices. Storage is not kept on the computer. Dropbox and Google Drive are examples of cloud storage.

Zip disks were hard disks that provided much more storage. Zip disks were removal storage disks.

DVD's offered more storage space. It was also faster. Multimedia cards stored digital data, for example pictures.

Magnetic tape used for large storage of infomation.

1960's and 1970's

Floppy Disks


Floppy Disks and CD Roms



Zip Disk, DVD, and Multimedia Cards

USB's, SD Cards, and Cloud Storage



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