Assignment 2 dustbowl

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Assignment 2 dustbowl

Jack BryantFirebaugh, 1940We were out in ArizonaOn the Painted Desert groundWe had no place to call our own homeAnd work could not be found.We started to CaliforniaBut our money , h it didn't last longI want to be in OklahomaBe back in my old home.A way out on the desertWhere water is hard to findIt's a hundred miles to TempeAnd the wind blows all the time.You will burn up in the day timeYet you're cold when the sun goes downI wanna be in OklahomaBe back in my home town.You people in OklahomaIf you ever come westHave your pockets full of moneyAnd you better be well dressed.If you wind up on the desertYou're gonna wish that you were deadYou'll be longing for OklahomaAnd your good old feather bed.



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