Assessment Task

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Assessment Task

Task Description:This assessment task requires you to individually plan, draft and publish a book review, using Glogster Edu, based on a book of your choice. In your review you are to use an appropriate structure. You must discuss and analyse the different language features, vocabulary, images used to make the story exciting, moving, absorbing and hold readers’ interest. Remeber to include your personal opinions and interpretation of the book's characters, development and plot tension. Your completed review is to then be published as a glog and upload into the assigned folder, labelled Year 5 Book Reviews.*If unsure about appropriateness check with your teacher first.

1) Select a picture book appropriate for year five*2) Plan and draft a book review for your selected book.3) Write and publish you book review onto Glogster Edu.

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Create a Book Review

Year Level: 5Due: 1st october 2014

Language Features:- Sentence Structure- Noun group/phrase- Vocabulary- Figurative language

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