Assessment Issues Teaching Tool for Educators

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Assessment Issues Teaching Tool for Educators

With the increasing popularity of e-learning, there are more opportunities for students to cheat and/or plagiarize. Thereby, creating more challenges for mainstream acceptance of online certificates and degrees by employers. Face-to-face instruction provides for the curbing of cheating by students to a very high degree, even though no system can truly eliminate all kinds of dishonesty among learners. Online learners on the other hand, may call on friends, family members, answers-for-sale websites, and numerous search engines for help when it comes to assignments and assessments.

Graphics/ImagesDefinition: Graphics /images provide creativity for a learning outcome. Digital photographs display application content or form part of a user interface. Examples: photographs, drawings, graphs, charts, etc.Impact: "The recognition memory for pictures is almost limitless” - Standing. This is due to images` use of a huge range of the brain`s cerebral cortex to recognize and synthesize - color, form, line, dimension, texture, visual rhythm, and especially imagination.

AnimationDefinition: Is used to show changes in state over time. It can also be employed to slowly present information, thereby aiding assimilation of concepts. It is mainly used to demonstrate an idea or illustrate a concept.Examples: Computer simulations of real-world objects, e.g. human anatomy.Impact: Provides students with an opportunity to observe, manipulate, and investigate phenomena that are normally inaccessible within the classroom- e.g. an orbiting satellite; provide multiple models for skill learning; increase content knowledge; helps to confront students misconceptions develop accurate contextual understanding.

Classroom Multimedia Wish List(Dedicated) Projector(Stable) WifiSoftware

VideoDefinition: Is the visual representation of information by using capabilities of images, sound, and text for all content areas.Videos contextualize curriculum content and instruction across the curriculum. Examples: Can be used to anchor mathematics instruction by presenting to students a real-world context within which mathematical problem-solving skills can be applied.Impact: Increases student engagement and motivation; provides an alternative to text; and supports different learning styles.

SoundDefinition: provides a transition from one page to another. Audio files and streams play a major role in some multimedia systems. Audio files appear as part of application content. Examples: podcasts. Impact: Aids interaction; enables teachers present a large amount of information simulteneously; and stimulates students` imagination.

Assessment Issues Teaching Tool for Educators: Cheating Among Students and How to Curb It

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