[2015] Muriel Chavez: Assessment

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[2015] Muriel Chavez: Assessment

ASSESSMENTS"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Constructing Knowledge

I view assessment as a process of gathering information about a learner to help inform teachers about the knowledge, abilities, learning styles, strengths and needs of the student. Assessment should be an ongoing process, taking place through a series of formal and informal evaluations to help educate the teacher about his students and provide the teacher with a focus for instruction. Not only does it help provide a focus, but also it gives teachers ideas on how to tailor instruction to reach all students and address their different styles of learning. Assessments are not good or bad in and of themselves; they have to be chosen and administered wisely to produce the beneficial result they're meant for. I think problems arise when an assessment becomes univesalized: when it is administered to everyone because its success and purported benefits with some students is wishfully extrapolated to include all others.

Authentic Assessment Strategies:

A Teacher's Story:

Student-Selected Tasks

Higher Order Thinking

Integration of Knowledge and Skills

Reflection/Self Assessment

Authentic AssessmentA form of assessment in which students are asked to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills.

Ongoing Assessments

Meaningful, real-world tasks

Allow students to choose assignments from tiered menus.

Encourages Transfer of Learning

Teacher Feedback


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