Assesination Attempt Among Hitler

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Assesination Attempt Among Hitler


According to our last informations,today,20th July 1944,some german officials would have tried,failed so,to kill the Führer.The so-call responsible of the attack would be the Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who placed a bomb in one of the rooms of Hitler´s headquarters.

According to various sources,this attack would have begun to take shape six years ago, in 1938,where many senior members of the nazi regime have agreed to kill the Führer with the aim of avoiding a major war in Europe and saving Germany from a social and economic ruin.

C.Claus von Stauffenberg

But the members of the now called "Valkyria Operation" to destroy the Führer were starting to lose supporters. Hitler´s popularity was growing because of his succesfull territorial conquers, which made him became famous among the german masses , but the supporters of the assesination attempt didn´t give up and would have continued ultimating the details to kill Adolf Hitler.

According to our sources, it seems that today would have been the perfect day to carry out the attack. So the chosen to carry out the mission, the German Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, would have come into the meeting room where Hitler was with his most senior advisers, would have left a Briefcase bomb near Hitler and would have left the room under any pretext.

After several failed attempts, the Gestapo would have begun to inquire about a possible secret plan which attemptted against Hitler. The conspirators, fearing for their lives, would have decided to carry out the bomb attack as soon as possible to avoid being discovered.

Hitler headquarter´s after the assesination attempt.

So when Colonel watched from a safe distance the explosion and the massive amount of smoke that came out of the building, he would have hought that it meant that Hitler was dead and he would have travel to Berlin as agreed with the other conspirators to take control of Germany following the "Valkyria operation".

But when the conspirators realized that Hitler had miraculousy survived ,conspiracy would have begun to decline. Everybody began to change sides to try to save their lives, something that was not possible, because today they are all being executed at Gestapo headquarters .



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