Assembly Robot Hayson Lane

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Assembly Robot Hayson Lane

Assembly RobotIndustry RobotBy: Hayson Lane

Task- It builds and asembles itemsHuman Function- Like a human arm and hand, it can pick stuff up and put stuff together

Advantages- Less work, can build things for us, very precise products Disadvantages-humans can lose their jobs, might mess up on the job(Tehnical Diffuculty)

Sensors- 3D area sensor, allows it to locate items and pick them upJobs/Careers- can create jobs like making more, repairing and maintaining and programming

Impact- Consumer: Product might mess up and hurt consumer; make them madEmployees: Might get fired cause robot can do the job for them

Where Used- In factoriesWork Envelope- Six degrees of FreedomEnd Effector- Not multi-funtionalProgram- Programmed to do taskInnovations- Bigger tasks


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