Asperger's Sydrome

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Asperger's Sydrome

by Becky AnhaltEDX 3000i1Professor HuttoWarner UniversityDecember 2012

Living with Asperger's & High Functioning Autism

Social Isolation

OCD & Fixations

Doesn't make eye contact

Asperger's Sydrome is a neurological-biological disorder affecting as many as 1 in every 88 children, although the diagnoses often isn't given until preschool. AS is classified in the family of Autism Spectrum Disorders as it shares many similar symptoms. Children with AS may not show all of the signs but a combination of many.Early Intervention can help...Behavioral, Physical and Speech Therapies are available, as well as classes to help with social skills and parental training. This disorder can often be controlled by adulthood.

Life of a Child withAsperger's Sydrome

Characteristics of a person with AS are:* Clumsiness or coordination problems* Obsessive or repetitive behavior* Non-verbal communication issue - inappropriate gestures, facial expresions or social awkwardness.* Emotional outbursts and social isolation.* Speech either overly formal or disjointed.* Fixated on a single subject or self absorbed, often offering one-sided conversations.* Lack of eye contact or social interaction* Average or above average intelligence* Takes things literally, inability to understand figures of speech or humor* Have problems seeing things from someone else's perspective* Awkward mannerisms

Children with Asperger's Speak out!

Emotional Outbursts

Social awkwardness


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