Aspen and Sun

by Abigailch234
Last updated 3 years ago

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Aspen and Sun

She left her report at Sun's house. And she KNOWS she is gonna completly DESTROY it. She can't FAIL.

Aspen And Sun

Aspen was walking around her room worrying, shaking her head worried.

Sun walked up to her computer and was pressing keys. She was printing out something. Aspen was so angry that she wasn't paying any attention to her whatsoever.

Aspen quickly flew to her house with her long wings. "Sun!! Wake up! WHERES MY REPORT!!!!!"

Sun had printed out a new report! She had saved the report on the computer. "Omg thank you so much Sun! You saved my tail from every punishment EVER!" Sun smiled at her. Aspen took off with her wings and landed back in her window. She heard pawsteps. "ASPEN! WHY WERE YOU OUT OF THE HOUSE?" Oh no. New conflict



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