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Aspen Academy

Aspen Academy

A brief history of Aspen Academy from 2004 - Present.

A temporary space was rented south of DTC. A daily set-up and take-down was required for Aspen Academy's 8 teachers to teach 100 students in grades JK-4.

A group of parents in the South Denver area were not completely happy with their childrens' school experience. Led by Kristina Scala, they decided to create their own indepedent school.


Mission Hills Church property is purchased to be used for Aspen Academy. Despite bond market crash, a loan was acquired for the building. An initial renovation of 60,000 square feet interior and 2 acres exterior takes place.

A renovation of the gymnasium and fitness centers takes place. Enrollment has now risen to 245 students, and Bears Student Enterprises (BSE) was founded.

A massive outdoor facility renovation takes place. Sport courst, a turf athletic field, outdoor classrooms and theater, gardens and running track are established.






Middle school and auditorium renovations occur. Many new learning spaces are created, and a STEAM lab begins to be built in the middle school. Enrollment at 404+ students (capacity). A PBS documentary features the school's president and founder, Kristina Scala.



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