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Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria



Ben Bruce, the band's current lead guitarist and backing vocalist, originally formed the band in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2006. The band's original line up consisted of completely different members compared to that of the band's lineup from 2008 and released their debut album titled The Irony of Your Perfection.[1] After realizing he wouldn't be able to achieve international success in Dubai, he moved back to England, Nottingham in 2008 and reassembled the band with new members from the local area, including lead singer Danny Worsnop, of which he had moved into his flat apartment in York.[2]Later that year the band became a six-piece after recruiting Ryan Binns on synthesizers, James Cassells on drums, Joe Lancaster on bass and Cameron Liddell on rhythm guitar.[3] later that year Binns decided to leave the band and in January 2009 and Lancaster also decided to leave and was replaced with Sam Bettley.[3] Lancaster later joined the metalcore band With One Last Breath.[4]Bruce carried the name over due to not wanting to bother to come up with a brand new name, so he stuck with the old one however insists that despite having the same name it is not the same band.[1] When asked why he chose that particular name, he explained that "'Most bands have a pretty shit band name, so I just came up with something. I came up with Alexandria as a human name, because people relate to humans." although the reason for using the word 'asking' is not explained.[2]Stand Up and Scream was recorded during Spring 2009 and was produced by Joey Sturgis.[3][5] The band signed to Sumerian Records and released their debut album on 15 September.[5] The album charted only in the US peaking at 4 in the Top Heatseekers, 24 in the Top Hard Rock Albums and 29 in the Top Independent Albums.[6] The band toured across America as a support act for the remainder of the year, supporting Evergreen Terrace along with For the Fallen Dreams and Unholy in October,[7] and Alesana along with From First to Last, The Word Alive and Memphis May Fire in November and December.[8]

Origin: England

Genre: Metalcore

Years Active: 2008-Present

Members: Ben BruceJames CassellsDenis StoffCameron LiddellSam Bettley

2009: Stand Up And Scream.2010: Life Gone Wild.2011: Reckless and Relentless2013: From Death to Destiny.

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Best International Band. (2014)Best Live Band. (2014).Best British Band. (2013)Best British Newcomer. (2011)


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