Ask the Lime Team (Unit Rate)

by kerrigancourt
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Ask the Lime Team (Unit Rate)

Word is out that you are working on unit rates and some of the Lime members have some questions for you! Click on the following video clips, in order #1-6, and help your teachers & friends with their dilemma. For each problem, use the recording sheet to record important information, complete necessary calculations, and make a recommendation to help them make a mathematical decision.

Ask the Lime Team...

Finding Unit Rate (example)

Problem #1: Help Mr.DeMott figure out how to get the best deal through Netflix.

Problem #2: Help Mr.McDonald choose the best player for his Fantasy Football team.

Problem #4: Help Miss Kerrigan decide which Coconut Water is the better buy.

Problem #3: Help Mrs. Strout decide which light bulbs would be the best buy.

Problem #5: Help Andrew determine if he should use his Chromebook to do his homework.

Problem #6: Help Miss Kerriganchoose which Yoga Studio she should join.



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