Asiatic Black Bear

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Asiatic Black Bear

A baby asiatic black bear.

The bears live in subtropical and tropical forests.

Reasons for endangerment~It is hunted for its skin, paws, and gall bladder.~We are building settlements in their homes.~They are becoming genetically isolated from each other beacause of poaching.~Poaching got forbidden in 1977 and they are proected by law.~In South Korea they are restocking, initially with captive-born bears.

Description~ It is a mammal.~Black shaggy coat, white "crescent moon" on its stomach, and it has long hairs around the neck.~Femals are 40-140kg~Males are 60-200kg~Lenght is 1.2-1.9m~They go into winter hibernation and spend most of their time in trees.

Habitat~Europe, southern Asia, from Afghanistan to Taiwan, northeastern China, far eastern Russia and Japan.~Subtropical and tropical forests.~Inhabits temperate~They go to winter dens in a tree hollow.

Adaptation~They are fairly solitary and pretty aggressive~They go into hybernation to survive the winter.~They are good at climbing trees to get fruit and other foods.~They occationally move to find changes in food abudance.

Food Chain~They eat acorns,beech, and other nuts as well as fruits and berries. Also meat and insects~Omnivore~They find food in the trees and they sometimes feed on prey that other animals had left behind.~They are predators and hunt any things like buffalos. They are not prey.

Asiatic Black Bear

A baby asiatic alack bear being held in a gage for its gall bladder


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