Asiatic Black Bear Farming

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Asiatic Black Bear Farming

How to Help

"Chinese medical practitioners stress that all bear bile products can be easily replaced by herbal or synthetic alternatives, which are cheaper, more readily available, and just as effective." (Animals Asia, 2013).There are over 50 herbal alternatives to bear bile (Animals Asia, 2013).

Write a polite letter or draw a picture to send to the leader of the Chinese government explaining your wishes for bear farming to be stopped. (Click here: Mailing Address)

The China Bear Rescue organized by Animals Asia Foundation (AAF) founder Jill Robinson accomplished the rescue of 500 Moon Bears from bile farms beginning in Oct 2000. These bears received veterinarian care to treat their extensive wounds. They underwent therapy and are now living together in a sanctuary.

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Asiatic Black Bear Farming

Also known as a moon bear, the Asiatic Black Bear, found all over Asia gets its name from the crescent shape on its chest.Moon Bears are kept in small cages 24/7 and hooked up to catheters that drain the bile from their gal bladder up to twice a day. In China there are over 6,900 bears kept in cages not much bigger than they are. In 2005 Vietnam banned bear farming but farms still operate illigally and undetected. The bears develop sores on their heads and limbs from rubbing against the bars and get infections from the open wounds in their abdomen that the bile drains from.The extracted bile is sold on the black market and used in Chinese medicine. Due to an excess of bile on the market, it is finding its way into tooth pastes, soda, and other products. There are over 50 altrenatives to bear bile. Learn More Here!

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Stop Bear Farming



Please Sign the Petition

Resources: Animals Asia. (2013). Animals Asia. or Retrieved Feb 20/13.


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