Asian Suffrage

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Asian Suffrage

Women's Suffrage Movements In Non-Western Societies

1902: Australia 1920: USA1948: Israel, Suriname, South Korea1949: People’s Republic of China1980: Iraq


-War was a cause of the women's suffrage movement-As men were gone, women were required to play larger roles -Women wanted to earn better working rights-Equality an democracy became a backbone for the movement

-Women granted suffrage in 1937 under American rule.-Now, many women are presidents of Filipino provinces.

Women must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself.




-Women's Suffrage League established in 1924-After WWII, Japanese Women petitioned to include women’s rights in Japanese government-Reason: Japan would become less war-like, children would be raised believing in peace and democracy


-Sarojini Naidu headed Women's India AssociationDemand the vote in from Britain in 1919. -The Indian National Congress supported woman suffrage-In 1950, soon after Indian independence, women were granted the vote.

-Final country that denied women the right to vote-Women have consistently protested against this; violates Kuwait’s governmental doctrines-Finally granted suffrage in 2005 with a slim margin in Kuwait Parliament



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