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[2015] Duc Lilly (2015): Asian River Ob



The Ob River may be a long river but soon in the following years it may not be as long so in Russia they must take care of it or nuclear pollution may ruin the Ob River. It is a very beautiful river and is one of the longest rivers in the world.

Asian Map

Tsar Fish

Siberian Sturgeon

A Problem

A hydro electric power station located in the Ob river

Name plant

The Ob River is approximately 5566km long and is currently the 5th longest river in the world. One of the Ob rivers longest tributaries, the Irtysh is 5410km long. The Ob River is a long river but compared to the Yangtze River, which is the 3rd longest river in the world and has a length of approximately 6276km long, the Ob river is a fraction smaller. The Ob River may be one of the longest rivers in the world but around Russia and Asia the population have lots of uses for it, there are many problems faced, species of flora have become threatened, fauna that has trouble living as well as major differences between the Ob and the Murray river.

There are many differences between the Ob River and the Murray River. While the Ob River is the 5th longest river the Murray River is 10 ranks down as the 16th longest river in the world and while the Ob river is 5566km long the Murray River is only 2508km long. The Ob River and Murray River have many different problems, as the Murray doesn’t freeze over in the winter. The Ob River is much too acidic at 3.3 – 4.0 at its basin but the Murray River is neutral at 7.0.

World Map


The Ob River's basin has short warm summers and long cold winters. You can find trees including one called the willow snowball tree (Viburnum) and a bird cherry tree (pranus padas).


The Ob River faces many problems. The Ob River is threatened by oil spillages as boats come past and though rare, oil spillages do happen. Over fishing threatens to kill a variety of species living in the Ob River. Russia is quite well known for being cold and over winter the Ob River freezes over and no oxygen is left for fauna and flora living in the Ob River.


Problems faced

Fast Facts


There are threatened species of fauna in the Ob River. Sturgeons are threatened in the Ob River because of overfishing and pollution. The sturgeon is subtropical with an elongated body and has a lack of scales. They are bottom feeders with flattened rostra. They are found in the Ob Irtysh and a threatened species of the sturgeon include the Siberian sturgeon, the Tsar fish and the White sturgeon.The Siberian Sturgeon can grow up to a length of 2 metres.

The Ob River has many efficient human uses. The Ob River is used for drinking water frequently as water is very vital for the cities but some parts of the Ob river has been polluted so water is pumped more farther and frequently. Irrigation for the farmers helps continue with keeping their farms watered so then they can sell their fruits and vegetables. Hydropower is often used in the Ob River because it is a renewable energy source. Fisheries are often seen because the Ob River has over 50 species of fish and the is also used as a navigable shipping lane to make easier access to the centre of Russia and Asia.

Major differences

Some species of flora around the Ob River are threatened. One species of flora threatened around the Ob River is the Golden Root (Rhodiola Rosea) because it is frequently used for medicine to improve your mood. It is 5-40cm high, has female and male plants, 4 sepals, 4 petals and a yellow greenish colour tipped with red. You can find golden root mostly in mountains.


Ob river

Ob river frozen


Golden Root





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