[2015] Fermi Boonstra: Asian Lioness

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[2015] Fermi Boonstra: Asian Lioness

Asian Lioness

Before we started cities, lionesses used to live in Europe, India, and Africa. Now, they only live in Africa and only some parts of India. They live in those places because it is very warm.They live in grasslands, woodlands, and the Sahara desert. During the day, the lionesses hide in caves with their babies.

Lionesses are carnivores. They eat zebras, gazels, giraffes, wildbore, antalope, impalas, buffaloes, pigs, and even small young elephants. Almost(or all) meat. Lionesses are consumers. When the pride eats, males get to eat fist because they protect the pride, then the lionesses, because they hunt for the food, then the cubs. Lionesses are also nocturnal. They hunt at night.

Here are some interesting facts about lionesses: Their roars can be heard up to 4-5 miles away. Not many babies survive because sometimes males kill them if they are hungry. They eat every other day,and there are only about 20,000 left in the world.

Lionesses are part of the cat family. They have canine teeth and sharp claws for attacking, and eating meat. They live in packs called a pride. In the pride, they are very protective of each other and make sure no other lions from other prides try to invade. The avarage lioness wieghs about 263 pounds.

Humans are the lionesses predetor AND threat. Sometimes they are killed for sport, and sometimes their habitat is destroyed to make farmlands, villages,etc. Other carnivores are sometimes a threat because they have the same diet as the lioness, so it's kind of like a competition between each other for food. Once in a while, porcupines are predators because of their quills.

Lionesses are usually pregnant for about 3 months before giving birth. When newborns are born, they usually weigh about 3 pounds. When the lioness is nursing, she can nurse 4 cubs at a time, because she has 4 teats. Baby lions are called cubs and they meow instead of roar. When they are 2 months old, the mother takes the cubs hunting.

In the habitat of an asian lioness, she must take care and nurse her cub(s). When the cubs are 2 months old she must teach them to hunt. The lionesses always have to hunt, because if the males were to hunt, they would be seen because of their bushy manes.

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