[2014] Cassidy Whitney (2020Class): Asian Giant Hornet a.k.a Giant Japanese Hornet

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[2014] Cassidy Whitney (2020Class): Asian Giant Hornet a.k.a Giant Japanese Hornet

The Giant Japanese hornet is as big as your thumb.

The giant japanese hornet is the biggest hornet in the world.

The Asian Giant Horneta.k.a. Giant Japanese Hornet

A sting from an Asian giant hornet can be lethal even to people who aren't allergic to bees. The sting sends an influx of venom into your body containing a neurotoxin called mandaratoxin (MDTX). This causes kidney failure and eventually leads to death. In addition, those allergic to bees may suffer from anaphylaxis, which cause airway closure or cardiac arrest. Victims of stings are known to have deep, dark crater-scars the size and shape of bullets.

The Asian Giant Hornet is a relentless hunter and only a few are said to be able to completely wipe out a 30,000+ Honeybee colony in a couple of hours.

Diet:Bees, Honeybees, Insects, WaspsWhere do they live?They are found throughout Eastern Asia, particularly in Japan where they are commonly known as the Giant Sparrow Bee.


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