[2015] Christen Symmons: Asian Food Pyramid

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[2015] Christen Symmons: Asian Food Pyramid

Christen SymmonsTECA 1318Assignment 34/11/15

The Asian Food Pyramid

Asian cuisine is centered around a plant-based diet. While starches (rice and noodles) make up the majority of their calories, fresh fruit and vegetables are also an important staple to their diet. Fish and secondarily, poultry, make up their main meat consumption, with red meat a very distant third. All of this contributes to a better diet and greater health.

CONSJust like with any diet, there are still unhealthy options and eating too much of the wrong thing can still lead to unwanted consequences. A lot of Asian cuisine is fried and centering your diet around fried foods is never a good idea. Following the pyramid is the best option to experience the most of this diet's benefits.

PROSSteering away from processed foods and concentrating on fresh foods with an abundance of fruits and vegetables leads to a much lower incidence of obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer.


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