Asian Elephant

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Asian Elephant

Asian Elephant (Elephas Maximus)By: Grace Brennecke

Description:The asian elephant is the largest land animal. It has small round ears and a long trunk that they use for smelling, breathing, trumpeting, drinking, and grabbing objects. They are herbivores and consumers. They eat roots, fruits, barks, grasses, and other plants. Asian elephants can consume up to 300 pounds in a day. Thier pregnecy lasts 22 months and they give birth to 1 calf every 2-4 years. At birth it already wighs 200 pds and stands 3 feet tall. It can grow to be 6.6-9.8 ft tall and 2.25-5.5 tons.

Enviorment:The asian elephants live above ground and roam in the cool springs to keep them cool from the warm climate of a grassland. They are part of the nutrient cycling by dispersing seeds, they provide water for other species, they alter and modify habitats by pushing trees over, and their dung provides rich nutrients to the soils, acting as a fertilizer.

Problems:Some problems for the asian elephants are they are threatened by habitat loss, conflict with humans, and ivory poaching.

Solutions:Some orginations have come up with many solutions. Such as engaging local communities in an attempt to reduce poaching and wild-life conflict. They are also providing training and equipment to wildlife rangers and establishing migration corridors for elephants.



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