Asian Christianity

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Asian Christianity

Chritianity in Asia as a result of the spread of Islam was that there was various invaders from Indo-Europeans to Huns and trunks.-Involved both of the Dominante patterns Of Muslim Contract-Muslim traders began to move out of scattered towns to the nomadic steppes.-Established cultures, art, music, high status for women.

Asian Christianity

Christians in China were large populations before 1949 they have reached 4 million christians.-You had to be 18 or more older to join this religion and had to be approved by the goverment-approved Protestant.-

The Significance Dome of The rockis that Muhammad built this to keep his followers and have new ones. It also claimed and restored during a tumultuous century of conflict between Muslims and Christians.

Christianity in Asia

Christianity in China

Significance Dome of The Rock

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Chritstians in the Middle East is chaacterized with its diverse beliefs and traditions.-population is low and is dropping because of low births rates.-Many Christians seek of security and stability in their homelands

Christians in Middle East


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