Asian Carp – Andrew C

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Asian Carp – Andrew C

Crimes: They compete for food with Native fish. Introduction of the Asian carp could further cause harm to the Great Lakes. They also eat plankton leaving food for other fish.

Common name: Asian carpScientific name:Cyprinus carpio

Description: They are usually silver or black. Some are as large as 110 pounds! Average size is 24-39 inches! They can grow to 7 feet long!

Environment: You would find this organism in the Illinois waterways. They are also heading towards the Great Lakes.

Caution: This organism jumps out of the water with so much force that it can break binds and give you nosebleeds.

Dead or alive: Asian carp have competitions to see how many people to catch carp. "If you can't beat 'em - eat 'em"

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