[2014] troytheboy (Grade 6A 2014): Asian Carp

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[2014] troytheboy (Grade 6A 2014): Asian Carp

A little bit about asian carp.There are nine differernt kinds of asian carp. Grass carp, common carp, silver carp, largescalesilver carp, bighead carp, black carp, common goldfish, crucian carp and the mud carp. The asian carp is a threat to the great lakes. They're such a threat because of their size, they can grow to be a maximum of 110 pounds and 4 feet long. The average weight is about 50 pounds. They also threat the great lakes because the amount of food that they eat.

A small carp.

A big carp.


The asiancarp.

Asian carp can be found in rivers, lakes, and ponds. They came from asia over to southern US to control algea in catfish ponds. Then due to flooding they escaped and have been migrating north ever since.

Asian carp eat about 20% their body weight a day and the grass carp eats about 40% their body weight a day. They mostly eat plankton, plants, clams and mussels.

Did you know:A single female asian carp can lay up to two million eggs a year?

Where asian carp are.

That's a lot of fish!




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