Asian Athletes

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Asian Athletes

Asian Athletes

Excelling in Acedmics and SportsA year after acheiving his medical degree, Lee became known as the first Asian-American to win an olympic gold medal on the 10-meter diving platform in 1948 at the London Games.(1952 Helsinki, James E. Sullivan)

Why dont I have any Asians on my team?Since 2010, theres 14.7 million asians in America. Through many studies, scienctists sdisconvered that asians have a higher household income, and graduation rate than any other race alive. So rather than become a athlete, the asian dream is to become a doctor or lawyer.

Yao ming is arguably Chinas most famous athelete. Yao played for the Houston Rockets for 6 seasons, and was the tallest player to play in the NBA at 7'6. Yao also achieved the title of being Chinas highest paid celebrity with a networth of 150 million.

Kristi Yamaguchi began ice skating as physical theraphy for her "club feet". It became more than just therapy for Kristi, the 4th generation Japanesse American whos mother was born in a Japenese interment camp. She was bet $100 to land a triple Salchow during the 1992 U.S Figure Skating championship, and it worked out in her favor as she won her first U.S championship and $100.

A Revolution

Kristi Yamaguchi

Sammy Lee

Discussion QuestionWho was the first Asian-American to win an Olympic Gold Medal?Sammy Lee


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