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Asia Vocab

Caste system- A system used by the Hindus of hereditory social distinctions. ex. The Caste system makes social mobility virtually impossible.Urbanization- To take on the characters of a city. ex. The over all geography of and area can make urbanization difficult, if not impossible.Staple (food)- A food that is eaten often and in large enough amounts that it makes up the majority of the diet of a population. ex. The lay of the land influences the staple of a people.Outsourcing- To purchase goods or services from an outside source. ex. The potential costs and economic benefits of outsourcing depend on the product.Deity- A god or goddess. ex. Almost all religions worship one or many deities.Hierarchy- A system of people or things ranked one above the other. ex. The Presidant of the United States remains at the top of our U.S. hierarchy.Monotheistic- Believing in one God. ex. Christianity is a monotheistic religion.Polytheistic- Believing in many gods. ex. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion.Sect- A group of people adhering to a particular religious faith. ex. People gathering in a church on Sunday morning could be described as a sect.

Asia Vocab

Traditional- Having been passed down or continued for a long time.Every religion around the world has traditions of some kind.Modern- Related to present or recent times.Modern art can be a bit confusing.

Transition- Movement or change in position, state, or concept.A transition in government may not be accepted by everyone.Hinduism- A common religion of India, very diverse with many schools and cults.

Buddhism- A religion, originated in India by Buddha, later spread to surrounding countries. ex. Buddhinsm is a religion worshiping Buddha, a man who,in his life, didn't witness poverty, pain or suffering of any kind until his early twenties.Shintoism- Native religion of Japan, worshiping nature and ancestors. ex. Shintoism is the native religion of Japan.Sikhism- The religion and practices of the Sikhs. ex. The Sikhs are a people as well as a religion.Communism- A system of government where all services and goods are owned by the government. ex. In the worlds history, communism hasn't worked in really any way. Arable- Capable of producing crops. ex. Many landscapes have very aralbe areas.Proverb- A wise or popular saying, usually of unknown origin. ex. Many proverbs can be found in the bible.Mao Zedong- 1893-1976, China Communist leader, lead China into communism. ex. Mao Zedong was the man who basically lead China to communism.









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