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They needed water,sip,compass,food,maps,andthings that is for travel.


Explorers brought diseases and guns and traded animal furs with the First Nations people that they met. The first nations people hunted with guns for the first time and brought the beaver furs to trade with the explorers. The explorers sold the furs in Europe for lots of money. The aboriginal people didn't have any immunity against the diseases and many died or became sick.. Because the first nations people had guns to hunt with many more animals were killed causing some animals to almost become extinct.

FAMOUSEXPIORERS:John Cabot,Jacques Cartier,Henry Hudson,Samule de Champlain,,Alexander Mackenie, James Cook,George Vancouver, Simon Fraser. . . . . .

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JAMES COOK did three trips to the Pacific Ocean,and the last one was in 1776.SIMON FRASER made the first fur-trading in the West. A dog followed ALEXANDER MACKENZIE when he travelled. JOHN CABOT's ship disappeared in his second trip.



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