Ashley St.John

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Ashley St.John

Radiance is about a girl named Rylie. Rylie and herfamily just got into a caraccident and now they are in the here and now.She doesnt feel very comfortable there. One day a boy named Bodhi walkedher over to a building where she was recruited for soulcatcher. Her job is to capturetwins that no one has beenable to bring them over to the here and now. At the end she realizes some important things.

Main Chracters are Rylie Bloom, Bodhi , and the twins.

I would reccomend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and fiction In a rating of 1-10 I would rate it an eight. This is because I was hoping it would be more exciting .

Other books Alyson Noel has written are The Immortals and Shimmer.

The theme is Life is shortand you have to spend it wisely.My favorite quoteis"I wouldnt have acted the way i did if I knew I would be here".I like it because it goes with the theme.

The genre is Fantasy Fiction.



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