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ashley powell

Sharon Creech

She was born in Eclid, Ohio. She has a mom named Ann and a dad named Arvel. She also has a sister named Sandy and 3 brothers named Dennis, Doug and Tom. They usualy take trips and that is were she gets a lot of her settings. When she was little she wanted to be a paiter, ice skater, singer, teacher and a repoter. She merried a guy named Lyle and they have 2 kids. Rob and Karin.

Literary DivicesMetaphor-WhooshSimile-like a runaway sea sawIdiom-As if the sae was folding a huge black blanket over us.

Sophie-Very calm, gueit and caring. shes caring cause she didn't want to kill those fish.Cody-Always silly cause he uses boat talk in the wrong way and he is very outgoing and off task.Brain-Bossy, smart and likes to make charts. he likes to make charts because in the begining of the book he posted lists of jobs for everybody.

I think the theme is courage and a little bit of determination. I think that because Sophie, Cody, Brain, Uncle Dock,Mo and Stew are going across the ocean on a little boat. I think it's determination too because Sophie really want's to find her Bompie (Sophie's Grandfather) even when everyone else was saying that she can't do it.

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