Ashleigh Interview

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Ashleigh Interview

Interview With Ashleigh

11 year old Ashleigh Christmann has dreamed of becoming a famous actress/singer her entire life. On January 2,2010, I sat down with Ashleigh as she told me about her hopeful journey to fame and her plans for the future.

1.What has your journey to become a famous singer/actress been like so far?~Well its gone really great and I’m off to a good start. I’ve been in a bunch of plays and I just started taking guitar, piano, and voice lessons. 2. Have you encountered any setbacks or obstacles on this journey?~ I get really bummed out when I don't get the solo or part in the play that I wanted. Oh, and there was this one time I forgot to turn in the permission slip for a performance so I wasn’t able to perform.3.What has brought you to where you are today as a singer and actress?~My dedication and determination is what has got me to where I am today. My parents and other family members also have been a huge help. 4. Do you have family support?~Yes, I have a ton of support from my sister, dad, and mom. They come to all my performances and are always giving me advice. They say that as long as i want to be a performer, I have their support, and if for some odd reason tomorrow I decide to throw all that away and become a chef, they will support me in that too. 5. At what moment did you realize that singing and acting is what you want to do?~It was when when i was three years old , I was outside singing and thats when i first realized that i loved to sing. However I fell in love with acting when I was in the first grade play at my school. I love the all the attention that comes with being on stage and performing for others. 6. What has been your shining moment so far?~In 4th grade I had a solo in our school play and I totally rocked at it. 7.What is the most important thing that you have learned along the way?~Be true to yourself and don't change the way you perform to please others because it's impossible to please everyone.8. Who is your inspiration?~I am a huge Taylor Swift fan so I'm gonna have to say her. 9. Did your setbacks encourage you or make you stronger?~No, they make me sad.


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