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Author: Mike Mullin

Title: Ashfall

Main EventsThe main events of this novel start when Alex's house is hit by the volcano. Once the volcano erupts something from it comes and hits Alex's house. Next is the murders at Joe and Darren's house. Three men, you don't learn the names of, come and invade Joe and Darren's home. In the end they are all killed by Joe and Alex freaks out and runs away from their home. From he goes back to his home for the night and decides that the next day he is going to go and try and find his parents in Warren, Illinois. He travels and finds the house of Barslows. There that family really took him in. They gave him food water and more supplies from his trip. The next day as he is traveling from the Barslows he meets a man named Target. He proceeds to "befriend" Target then Target injures him and Alex runs away. Right before he passes out he finds another family, the Edmunds family. They take of Alex and nurse him back to help. On his last day there they, Alex and Darla, go into the town Worthington and when they make it back to their home they see that Target has found them and he has another man with him who has raped Darla mom. In the end of all the madness Darla's mom is dead, her house burned down, and Target is dead. After this Darla and Alex decide to travel together to find Alex's family in Warren. On their way they find a family of a mom, two boys, and a girl. The little girl ends up dying in the night from sickness. They set out again and finally, the find the F.E.M.A. camp they've been looking for. They also see it is nothing like they hoped and they end up breaking out to finish finding Alex's family. They finally do but when they get there, they see that Alex's mom and dad are gone because they went to look for Alex.

SettingsThis story first takes place in a small town in Iowa, called Cedar Falls. It's a very small town where everyone knows everyone. The time this is taking place is more of present day. This novel really does move around too much to put down an exact setting for this book.

CharactersAlex- Alex is a sixteen year old boy in high school who really goes though a lot in this book. At first he’s a boy who doesn’t want anything to do with his family and only cares about his video games and taekwondo. At the end he’s really a man. He cares about finding his family, surviving, and taking care of his friend Darla. From his trip journey from Cedar Falls to Warren he had really learned and a lot and changed a lotDarla- Darla is a simple country girl. When she was little her dad had died from a plowing accident. After her dad died she really had to take over the farm so her family could still make money, because of this, she had really bad grades. In the novel, you see that her house is burned down and and her mom is raped and killed. She goes through many experience during this time of the novel.

Ashfall Project by Curtis Halbrook

Problem, conflict


What you think about the Book?

The conflict of this novel is will Alex ever find his family. We travels for around eight weeks to find his Uncles house in Warren. Along the way he deals with crazy people, killers, and people who just want to survive and see all of this ash to end. Alex encounters each type of these people along his journey.

I feel that what Mike Mullin was trying to say is that family and the people close to you are always important, and can never be replaced. When Alex realize that his family might have died from the ash he had no fear to go out on his journey, he just went and did it. Then along the way and meets Darla and he feel the same way about her, and that she can never be replaced.

I think that this book was very good. It has a lot of suspenseful moments and surprise twist throughout the book that really keep you wondering and guessing what's gonna happen next. This book is more for a teen level of reading or higher because of some of the scene in the book are a little graphic. This was a really good book and I would for sure recommend it to me friends and anyone else.

The Writing style thet Mike Mullin uses is very great in my opinion. Thoughout the book he did things that really cause suspense and thing did things he knew his readers would love. He also did a very great job at helping the reader visualize what the scene would look like in that moment of the book. He also added in the love interest between Alex and Darla whic really help build some of the extra suspence thoughout the book.

Authors Writing Style

There are many symbols throughout this book. The first being food and guns. These are pair together beacuse they mean the same thing and that is power. In this time, the most powerful people had guns and food and they were always higher then others. Next is the mirror. In the book Darla and Alex come by a farm house that has a mirror in and Darla runs her fingers across it to clear all the ash off it. I feel like in that moment this represented a new start for them. As she pushed off that dust and ash and they shaw themselves for the first time in about three weeks, it showed them life and survival and that they could get through it in the end.



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