Ash wednesday bushfire

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Ash wednesday bushfire

16th of Febuary 1983, Victoria FIRE!


some ways people could survive a fire is, make sure that you have 2 exits out of your house when the fire comes. Discuss with your family on where to go from every room that is frequently used (e.g. Bathroom). Sound an alarm to do some drills with your family, and that you are confident with it.The bushfires started in a number of ways: through the clashing of electric power lines, tree branches connecting with powerlines, fires being deliberately lit or somebody lit it on purpose.

What could have caused the bushfire and what could you survive a fire?

Who was effected and how was the damage caused?

Lots of people lost their homes, possessions. People that owned stores had nothing left. Machinery was burnt so people couldn’t cook any food or have cold drinks.Stores were damaged that means less food and water, equipment, machinery and stock got damaged in the fires.

what happened...

What size was the bushfire?

Within 12 hours the windspeed was at 110k/h sparked 180 fires and the whole thing joined together and just speeded more.

159,000 hectares of land in the Adelaide Hills and in farming country in the south east of the state were burnt

This is The fire spreading

This is after the fire

This video tells you a bit about the fire, things like how it happened and it maily has pictures of the day.

It took the cost of 1.3million dollars to cover the damage.


130,000 firefighters,defence force,relief workers and support crews were involved



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