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Brittany is a sophomore attending Lankenau High School and my best friend. I writing this letter to her because being that she is my best friend I feel the need to tell her everything. She giving her wonderful input on everything that I think or believe and that helps me make wiser choices. So now I’m writing to let her know about me adventurous week and how I came so close to being put in jail. Two days ago I was walking through my neighbor’s garden about seven minutes after midnight and came across Wellington the neighbor’s dog lying in the grass with a garden fork stuck through him. The night was mid and there streets where quite, as I set thee holding Wellington all I could think about was how could this happen. Wellington eyes we closed and he laid still in his blood.” The dog was dead, there was a garden fork sticking out of the dog” (Haddon). As I reached to hold Wellington and indulge the dead dog his owner, Mrs. Shear came running through the garden yelling and swearing at me. “Let go of my fucking dog for Christ sake” (Haddon 4). Mrs. Shear accused me of the killing of the dog since I was at the scene when she came running. She phoned the police and told them the tragic news. When they arrived they asked me questions and stuff like that. One police ma put his hands on me and that made me hall off and hit him back. I then was taking down t the station for questioning. Me and dada talked since that night and he told me to mind my own business from now on. Of course I haven’t been listening I’ve been dog detective work to find out what really happened to the dog.

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the dog in the nigh time

The curious indcent of

Haddon gentle humor reminds

humor reminds us that

facts don't add up to life

that we understand ourselves

only through metaphors.



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