Asexual Reproduction

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Asexual Reproduction


Asexual Reproduction

Amoeba asexually reproduce by binary fission. Binary fission is when the cell divides into two and makes a copy of itself.

The animal Hydra reproduces by producing buds that break away once they mature. These are genetic copies and the hydra doesn't require a mate to reproduce.

A mushroom can reproduce asexually by releasing its spores. Spores carry the mushroom's DNA and since the mushroom didn't have a partner to make the spores, both the new mushrooms from the spores and the original mushroom will be genetically identical.

A Bryophyllum plant reproduces asexually by shedding plantlets with dangling roots. The leaves are an exact genetic copy of the original plant.

CHARACTERISTIC 4Many larger organisms do not asexually reproduce. Smaller organisms, such as bacteria, usually asexually reproduce and multiply rapidly.

CHARACTERISTIC 3Organisms that asexually reproduce can make offspring at a faster rate than sexually reproducing organisms.

CHARACTERISTIC 2:The children are genetic copies of their parents. Since there is only one parent, the child gets all of their genes and doesnt have the opportunity to get another organism's genes.

CHARACTERISTIC 1:Asexual reproduction is done by only one parent. They don't require a partner because they mainly reproduce by making a clone of their cells or making a bud with their genetic information stored in it

Differences of the Reproductions-Asexual reproduction only requires one parent while sexual needs two.-Asexual offspring are genetically the same(Amoeba) while sexual offspring are genetically different(humans).- Asexual reproduction is faster but has less variability than sexual reproduction.-Asexual organisms divide cells by mitosis while sexual organisms use meiosis.

Benifits of Asexual Reproduction-It is faster in many cases, such as when bacteria are doing binary fission.-The offspring from asexual reproduction are genetically the same(byrophyllum plantlets) so they keep the good quialities of the organism.-It requires less energy because the organism doesn't have to look for a mate.

Drawbacks of Asexual Reproduction-They may die out because they can't adapt to changing conditions fast enough.- Some plants can only reproduce in certain specific conditions.-Disease may affect all of the species, which is why the Gros Michel bananas went extinct.

By Rohith Edupuganti


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