Asexual Reproduction

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Cell Biology

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Asexual Reproduction




ONE PARENTAsexual reproduction only need one parent. The one parent can split or reproduce without another of the same species.

DIFFERENCES OF OFFSPRING AND PARENTThey are different in size. The offspring is smaller than the parent. Mutations also make them different. Genetic mutations cause a slight difference and allows for little adaptation. This is rare, though. An example is the New Mexico Wildtail Lizard. It uses Parthogenesis and you can see differences in color and size.

Binary Fission


By: Akhilesh Neeruganti

VERY EASYAsexual reproduction is much easier to do then sexual reproduction since it only require one parent. Sexual reproduction need two parents.

VERY FASTAsexual reproduction is significantly faster than sexual reproduction. It is twice as fast.

LOOK ALIKEThe cells look exactly the same with no gene variation with the exception of mutations. The cell has the same DNA as well

BENEFITS AND DRAWBACKSOne benefit is that it is quick and easy to do. Another is that it does not require 2 parents. One example of this is E. Coli. It reproduce very quickly and with ease and does it by itself. Another is Streptococcus. One drawback is that there is no diversity. Another is that it is hard to adapt since they are genetic clones. Back to E. Coli, it has a hard time in drastic situations and have no diversity.

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