Asexual Reproduction: Examples and Explanation

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Cell Biology

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Asexual Reproduction: Examples and Explanation


Organisms that reproduce asexually make a some-what exact copy that is small.


Asexual Reproduction: Examples and Explanation Kartik Tyagi 1/4/16 Pd. 1

In reproducing asexually, reproduction with the interaction of two genders is not needed.

In asexual reproduction, the cell and its nucleus split and make an exact copy of the original, but smaller!

In asexual reproduction, since the offspring contains the same genetic material, it is a clone!

A benefit of this is that offspring have similar traits as the parent. A drawback is that there may be mistakes that may allow different traits to copy. We see the example of similar traits in mostly all crops that reproduce asexually.Since there is only one parent, there will be less genetic diversity than if there were two, as not many traits will interact or be different, unless in the case of a "mistake." An example is seeing the difference between a clone and a child, as more traits are expressed in the child because there are "more to choose from."

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